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Kakashi's develops Lightning Release: Purple Electricity. Guy takes Kakashi back to his home and puts him to bed, where he remains comatose until Tsunade, the new Hokage, comes to Konoha and heals the damage to his mind. Kakashi talks to Kakuzu before killing him. Upon arriving at their destination, they are attacked by strange animals that injure Naruto and Sai and the trails goes cold. While the world around them falls to the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Sasuke uses his own Rinnegan to shield Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi from its effects. Just as he is about to finish off Zabuza, Zabuza is seemingly killed by a young hunter-nin and his body is taken away. [49] However, the Sage of Six Paths believed Kakashi's greatest strength is as a teacher, leader, and friend, all of which proved vital in Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's defeat. [94][95] In an interview in Shōnen Jump's, Kishimoto said that if he were to make an extra story from the manga with a different character, such character would be Kakashi. [83], Main article: Paradise Life on a Boat Kakashis frown turns into a … With Junko Takeuchi, Tesshô Genda, Hisao Egawa, Masaki Aizawa. Kakashi and his peers are blocked from helping Konoha. Naruto gives him a copy of Icha Icha Tactics as a present, which Kakashi wastes no time starting to read. Over the years, due in large part to his Sharingan, he gained a vast arsenal; reputed to have copied over a thousand techniques and which led to his moniker as "Copy Ninja Kakashi" (コピー忍者のカカシ, Kopī Ninja no Kakashi). A few days later, Sakura returns from a visit to Sunagakure with rumours that Sasuke has been plotting against Konoha. Madara confronts them and insists that he has ended all conflicts and that only Team 7, as the only remaining opposition, would seek to renew the cycle of death that plagued the world for centuries. In addition to the long-range Kamui he'd originally had, he becomes able to use its short-range variant, allowing him to make his body intangible so that attacks phase through him. Kakashi takes office as the Sixth Hokage. Orochimaru ultimately killed most of the Iburi clan before escaping yet again, but Kakashi, recognising that Kinoe's relationship with Yukimi is much like his relationship with Rin was, helped keep her safe. He arrives late, having visited the Memorial Stone beforehand to reflect on those he's lost. Kakashi tells Naruto to take Sakura away. Because Kakashi and Minato Namikaze both failed to combine their natures with the Rasengan, Kakashi can't offer Naruto any tips and can only watch as he tries to develop something. During the practical test of the exams, the students were left awe-stricken that the Sixth Hokage was to be their head proctor. Because Konoha now needs another Hokage, Kakashi reluctantly agrees to the appointment. [76] By combining this ability with his Lightning Cutter, Kakashi can bypass all defences and eliminate the possibility of being countered while attacking. [82] Later, Kakashi meets with the village leader, Disonasu, who Kakashi recognises as also an old partner of Orochimaru. As part of the war effort, Team Minato was assigned to destroy the Kannabi Bridge in Kusagakure in order to cut off Iwagakure's supply line. He is later saved by Yamato (who is from the future), though he claims that he in fact saved Yamato. Main article: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes When Kiri-nin caught up with them and made false efforts to retrieve her, Kakashi fought them off with his renamed Chidori, the Lightning Cutter. Naruto ultimately succeeds, using the Nine-Tails to carve a "mission complete" message into the Moon's surface. In doing so he finds the Deva Path, and by confronting it he is able to save Iruka Umino. [39] Overall, he is considered very handsome as seen from Teuchi and Ayame's reaction to seeing his face.[40]. Kakashi feels that he, as Hokage, would like to watch over things until they're ready. There, he is informed that Sasuke was attacked by Orochimaru during the exams and branded with a Cursed Seal of Heaven. Main article: Power As the Iwa-nin started surrounding them, Kakashi attacked them for as long as he could, holding them off until Minato eventually tracked them down and finished off the rest. Despite many from the Uchiha clan being against Kakashi wielding a Sharingan as he had no blood-ties to them, Fugaku Uchiha, the Uchiha head, chose to honour Obito's dying actions and let Kakashi keep his gift. Pain, recognising that Kakashi is a dangerous opponent, sends the Asura Path to help the Deva Path. He first steals fragments of Madara's chakra and then instructs Kakashi to send Naruto and Sakura to Kamui's dimension. With that said IMO EOS Naruto and Sasuke can hang with any of … A technique like Lightning Cutter is nearly all-encompassing in the offense department. Offering his services as a proctor for the upcoming graduation exams, Kakashi disguised himself as "Sukea", a freelance reporter who interviewed various students to better understand their respective nature. [22] Its design appears as three triangles wrapping themselves around the pupil, similar to a pinwheel. As they wait for Madara's inevitable return, Kakashi reminds them of their first lesson as Team 7: the importance of teamwork. Kakashi's obsession with the Icha Icha series. He expects his prospective students to demonstrate this same devotion to teamwork, which none until Team 7 were able to do; despite the high failure rate, the Third Hokage agrees with Kakashi's choice to require it. He was able to maintain it for over a decade, though he was steadily suffering its side-effects with each usage, such as bleeding eyes and deteriorating vision. Directed by Hayato Date. At the same time, he makes up for it with superb control, requiring no more than the minimum required amount to perform his technique, even able to do so with a single hand.

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