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Inzer powerlifting belts are Guaranteed Forever! In June 2012, Dan and Paul took a big step and opened a gym under the name of “Performance Training Centre – Perth”, which grew in to one of the premier strength facilities in the country. Harris Stability Systems is Australia's Leading Strength Brand. The Ironmaster Super Bench is not only strong, but it’s also more adjustable than any other weight bench out there. Our goal is to develop and promote high-standard, enjoyable, drug-free competition in local, regional, national and International Powerlifting. Everyday. IPF Approved, GPC Compliant. MESSAGE W E BUILD TO ORDER, WE ARE BUILDING EQUIPMENT EVERYDAY WE STATE CURENT LEAD TIME FROM ORDER PROCESSING AND PAYMENT IS 14 DAY TO DELIVERY (DEPENDING ON LOCATION) For powerlifting gear, gym equipment, fitness accessories, boxing/MMA gear & more. Built to perform in the harshest conditions in Australia and across the world, Valkyrie VSPX2 is trusted by countless Australian athletes, soldiers, gym chains and home gym owners to deliver strength, reliability and safety for years to come. Lift Apparal offers an exceptional range of men’s and women’s gym wear, perfect for both hard training sessions and days out. Found the same item cheaper? Sign up to In this blog we will discuss the key characteristics differentiating both heeled or weightlifting shoes and flat soled shoes as well as which lifters may suit which shoe.Â, Lifting Straps can be of fantastic benefit for both Powerlifting and Hypertrophy training. Leverage our legacy in weightlifting, powerlifting and strength & conditioning to create outstanding strength, performance training, and fitness facilities. IPF Approved, Made in USA. The characteristics of the footwear, as well as the benefit each shoe type has on their lifting can have an impact on their performance and growth in their chosen strength sport. In strength sports, the name on your gear becomes your shield. © 2017 City Strength Pty Ltd | ABN: 11 609 140 454. Wrap it up with our formidable range of knee wraps! Complete range of Titan Equipped gear now in stock. 140 NE 5th Street Suite A Warrenton, OR. You have arrived at the unrivaled destination in Australia for quality American made strength gear. We have everything you need to get in shape in or out of the gym! There are also gyms in Finland under the METAL umbrella. New exotic Titan Powerlifting belts now available! With IPF approval on all powerlifting equipment, A7 has you covered no matter what federation you lift in. In one sense you have to trust it to protect your body, in another sense it has to protect your reputation. Exotic Bison belts now available in stock! METAL Powerlifting Gear Bench Shirts Squat Suits Deadlift Suits Briefs Singlets Belts Shoes Socks Knee Wraps Knee/Elbow sleeves Wrist Wraps Slippers METAL Apparel Jackets METAL T-Shirts Shorts Pants Hoodies Hats Australia's biggest and best supplier of powerlifting equipment. Zip Pay | Own It Now, Pay Later – now available! Hats to cover your head and keep it warm. Train Like a Pro With Iron Edge's Best In Class Strength Training Equipment. Part of the company’s profile includes the promotion of powerlifting and related events. Gym bags to carry all your gear to the gym or meets. Fast Shipping & Financing Available The store will not … METAL retailers … The official website of the WP affiliated Powerlifting Australia. IPF Approved, GPC Compliant. Supporting Strength Sports With the Best Gear & Equipment, Training footwear has become a large point of discussionÂ, . Powerlifting Gear Resistance Bands Skins Compression Supports & Braces Weighted-Power-Bags Accessories & Functional Training Supplements Sports & Leisure Jumping Castles Massage Chairs Shop By Brand Bodysolid The latest in trendy powerlifting and gym wear. The New VSPX2: Unmatched Strength. We only stock the best brands to ensure that you are getting the most durable and comfortable clothing, shoes, accessories, and effective equipment for your needs. Since 1981 Since 1981, Titan Support Systems Inc has been leading the charge in innovation and craftsmanship of Powerlifting and Strength products. Southside Fitness - Australia's best supplier with the best prices. Official SBD sub-distributor Iron Underground supplying you with the right gear for your powerlifting and strength training needs in competition or in the gym.. 17 Pedder Street Albion QLD 4010 Phone: 0422 671 661 strength@ IPF Approved. Huge range of powerlifting belts, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, soft suits and deadlift socks for training and competition. TITAN SUPPORT SYSTEMS INC PRODUCTS ARE 100% HAND-MADE BY EXPERIENCED CRAFTSMEN IN THE UNITED STATES FOR OVER 35 YEARS. TrustLogo("", "SC5", "none"); The official sole-distributor of Titan Support Systems strength products in Australia. I stake my health and my name on Cerberus Strength. Monsta Clothing Company produces hard-core bodybuilding clothes, powerlifting gear, weightlifting shirts, (MMA) mixed martial arts fight wear and trendy-hot workout clothes for men, women and children. No BS Guarantee. METAL is a Finnish trademark that was registered in 1997. Ghost Strong began with a simple idea – how to improve J-Cups, the apparatus that holds a barbell. DEDICATED TO ATHLETES Shop Australian powerlifting supplies, gear, equipment, lever belts, prong belts, wrist wraps, knee wraps, massage guns, inzer, pioneer, sabo, A7 and powerlifting apparel. Home House of Pain - World Renowned Gym / Apparel + Wellness / Lifestyle Sign up to our newsletter to get the latest news, pre-access to … The company operating under this trademark creates, produces and sells powerlifting gear, recreational gear and gym training equipment. Iron Underground is Brisbane's premier powerlifting and strength training gym. Triumph Black Singlets with unique textured sides! These are something that all lifters use every day, but don’t really think about. This product isn't available in your country. Supporting Strength Sports With the Best Gear & Equipment City Strength is one of Australia’s fastest growing online retailers of premium powerlifting and strength training apparel and equipment. WHETHER YOU ARE AFTER POWERLIFTING BELTS, WRIST WRAPS, KNEE WRAPS OR KNEE SLEEVES, WE HAVE YOUR NEEDS COVERED. Rucci’s Gym is a serious training facility specialising in Powerlifting and sports performance. TITAN SUPPORT SYSTEMS INC PRODUCTS ARE 100% HAND-MADE BY EXPERIENCED CRAFTSMEN IN THE UNITED … Powerlifters, Weightlifters, CrossFitters, Bodybuilders, and Fitness Enthusiasts looking to achieve maximum strength - browse Mark Bell's best powerlifting gear, training information, exclusive advice and shop all things Sling Shot! Each product we innovate undergoes a lengthy research and development process. Make your presence be known with the Conventional is King strength … © 2019 Titan and Titex Australia Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. On behalf of the International Powerlifting Federation I want to express my sincerest congratulations to Ukraines Larysa Soloviova, who achieved the 3rd Place on the online voting of the IWGA for the Greatest Athlete of all Time. Leave your details below and a description of From workout clothes to weightlifting belts, sleeves, wraps & straps. We have Australia's largest range of gear and equipment for your favourite strength sports Powerlifting, Strongman, Weightlifting, CrossFit and Bodybuilding. Formulated in the USA for extreme potency. The best knee sleeves, wrist wraps, knee wraps and power gear. 2-3 days delivery, easy returns and advantageous reward program. The Best Powerlifting Gear and Powerlifting Belts In The World. City Strength is one of Australia’s fastest growing online retailers of premium powerlifting and strength training apparel and equipment. Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift.As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves the athlete attempting a maximal weight single lift of a barbell loaded … Our story, six decades in the making, is filled with bold ideas and ambitious goals. Vibrant and themed sublimated singlets. Made in USA with cutting-edge Comprexx© fabric. Established in 2010, Rucci’s Gym started as a small garage gym with a select group of people. Compete in Powerlifting Australia and World Powerlifting drug-tested events. We sell premium weightlifting, powerlifting, cross-training and home gym equipment. WHETHER YOU ARE AFTER POWERLIFTING BELTS, WRIST WRAPS, KNEE WRAPS OR KNEE SLEEVES, WE HAVE YOUR NEEDS COVERED. Shop workout equipment online. Shop A7 Now A7 is available exclusively through Loaded Lifting in the Australia & New Zealand Region. We are the home of Australia’s strongest natural strength athletes. High Quality Gym Apparel Australia Strong Liftwear’s vision as a brand has always been beyond producing world leading fitness apparel, but to also support the perpetual pursuit of physical and mental health. Powerlifting Gear Soft Suits & Singlets Socks & Slippers Shoes & Footwear Socks & Slippers Shoes The Sling Shot Lifting Belts Knee & Elbow Sleeves IPF Approved Strongman Equipment Sale Items New Products Super performance powerlifting belts, powerlifting gear, weightlifting belts and workout belts for powerlifters, bodybuilders and weightlifters. Titan range of clothing and apparel. 97146 Phone: 1-877-226-9060 Women's powerlifting clothing and accessories. Shop Gear WE ARE ANIMAL With the birth of the iconic Animal Pak, for more than three decades Animal has evolved from a simple bodybuilding supplement brand, to an ethos for living. AUSTRALIA’S FAVOURITE ACTIVEWEAR STORE The best for every body. T-shirts, shorts and many other items It is an important tool for athlete’s to keep on hand, especially when their priority is strength and muscular growth. Â, Heels vs Flats In Powerlifting & Strength Training, The Benefits of Lifting Straps in Powerlifting and Strength Training.

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