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Your kitchen will look more professional. However, when it comes to purchasing anything, the budget is an essential factor to consider carefully. As the #1 faucet brand in North America, Moen offers a diverse selection of thoughtfully designed kitchen and bath faucets, showerheads, accessories, bath safety products, garbage disposals and kitchen sinks for residential and commercial … And if you have a limited budget, you can go for the Aimadi Contemporary kitchen sink faucet. There are many features to look at when selecting the right faucet for your needs, and we’ll show you what to consider in this comprehensive guide. There is a sleek handle on the side of the faucet which you will use to change the temperature. It is one of the key elements to help you get the right faucet. Some faucet companies even take things a step further and get complete eco-friendly certifications. The faucet and handle are made entirely of durable brass, with a bright, clean chrome finish. This faucet uses activated carbon and magnesium ion exchanger resin in its filtration system. Hansgrohe is a German brand that makes kitchen and bathroom appliances, including professional and semi-pro kitchen faucets. The best commercial faucet is more durable and robust than a residential faucet. When setting up a commercial kitchen, you’ll need a durable, industrial-strength faucet to keep up with your demands. Like other Moen faucets, this one is backed by their limited lifetime warranty. Commercial faucets are taller and designed to give you more room to work in the sink. In most cases, you can quickly wipe down the spout head to remove any signs of buildup. The pull-down spray heads allow you to clean up easily, especially when it comes to trays, pans, or pots. This faucet has a durable ceramic disc valve, which is essential for preventing leaks. Another important factor to consider is the warranty. The durability of faucets may be great, but is it necessary to take the risk when you choose a short warranty period? Kraus is a relatively new faucet company, having only started in 2007. KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate … You can easily switch between flow rates just by pressing a button on the side of the spout. Some have hoses as long as five feet. Two different kinds of spray patterns that we find in almost all semi-pro faucets are another advantage. Ideally, this handle should only move forward, so you can install the faucet close to a wall or backsplash if need be. The interior of the faucet also has ceramic valves on the interior of the faucet to prevent leaks. The Gicasa faucet is made with solid brass and has a brushed nickel finish that won’t flake off or tarnish. The dock is designed to be very easy to install without tools or having to work under the sink. It is easy to switch back and forth between the spray modes with a button on the faucet head. Another key factor to look at is how you would install the faucet. The sleek design is one of the biggest advantages of the Aimadi Contemporary kitchen sink faucet. American Standard bathroom sink faucets are available in a wide variety of faucet styles to fit the decor of any bathroom. It has two spray settings, a full spray and a needle spray, which makes it much more versatile in the kitchen. They’re powerful and very durable, so they are an investment that is going to last you for years to come. This faucet has a total height of 20.47 inches and a spout height of 5.31 inches. One of the most important factors to think about is the height of the faucet, as well as the height of the spout from the top of the sink. It is possible to combine hot and cold water. It has a very modern, industrial design that looks excellent in any kitchen, and it comes in four different finishes: spot resist stainless, chrome, matte black, and black stainless. The pull-down spray head is very flexible and gives you a chance to rinse pots carefully before you wash them. Commercial faucets are typically very tall and thin, and they work very well with deep sinks. 2 Kraus KPF-1650SS Nola Kitchen Faucet – Best For High Quality. They are based in New York and construct their faucets in the United States. If you are those who have to use faucets for heavy-duty purposes often, then you should go for Fapully commercial sink faucet. Commercial faucets are great, and they offer a lot of advantages in the kitchen for people who use them. It also has a separate pull-down sprayer, so you can actually have two streams of water at the same time if you desire. Touchless Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense feature touchless activation, allowing you to easily turn water on and off with the wave of a hand. The faucet comes with everything you need for a DIY installation, and does not require batteries for the LED light. Its design is not only beautiful but also efficient. 1 Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Single Handle – Best For Ease Of Use. Therefore, scratch hardly happens, and you are typically free of worries about leaks and drips. Kitchen Faucet,Kitchen Sink Faucet,Brushed Nickel Single Handle Pull Down Faucet,Modern Best Small Stainless Steel Sink Faucet,One Or Three Hole Pull Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucets with Deck Plate Fransiton Kitchen Faucet Commercial … This makes it an excellent option for those who are conscious of the environment. It has a height of 18.5 inches and a spout reach of 9.5 inches. Besides, you need to hold down the button to keep the spray mode on, which is useless when you need to do hand-free dishwashing. Commercial faucets are also great because they are easy to maintain. This faucet has a pull down spray head that extends up to 30 inches for flexibility. IMLEZON Commercial Wall Mount Faucet This modish faucet is specially designed to counter all your kitchen problems. Commercial-style kitchen faucets look just like the ones in restaurants or on MasterChef. They also offer sustainable faucet models that are designed to prevent water waste. The spring is tightly coiled around the gooseneck of the faucet instead of the looser wrap that most similar faucets have, which gives it a sleeker appearance. They won’t require much maintenance, and they’re very easy to use. When looking at commercial kitchen faucet options, be sure to look at the length of the pullout hose, as this can vary widely between different models. Considering these factors can help you find the most appropriate faucet for your needs. We carry restaurants faucet by top leading brands such as Prepline. There is a flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute. Another benefit of investing in a commercial faucet is that they have a very long reach. You should also look at the general width of the faucet to make sure it won’t be too close to nearby cabinets or other appliances when installed near your sink. When you put it in the center, it will become the heart of your kitchen. Water pressure recommendations are essential and compulsory with every kind of faucets, and there is no exception for commercial ones. It is responsible for holding the nozzle, but in many cases, it is loose. Also, have you known that commercial faucets are superior in terms of durability as well? It is designed for a single hole sink. These are the same faucets that are used in high-end restaurants. The faucet also has rubber nozzles, which are very easy to clean and won’t accrue hard water buildup. Top 8 Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets Reviews. The nozzle on this faucet is made from silicone, which makes it very easy to clean. Commercial faucets come in a number of different finishes, with two of the most popular being stainless steel and chrome. It has a durable solid brass body that won’t corrode or wear down. Whether you are looking for the best commercial kitchen faucet for your house or restaurant, JZBRAIN is an excellent choice, especially if you consider wall mounting. Choose from faucets of different sizes, styles, and types to the find a model that’s … And without a doubt, there are two different types of Kraus faucets in the list of the best commercial kitchen faucets today. While Moen doesn’t have quite as many commercial faucet options as other well-known brands, they do have a few different models to choose from, and they all live up to Moen’s high quality standards. Even take things a step further and get complete eco-friendly certifications we.. Design of your current kitchen design pots and pans restaurants faucet by top leading such! – they can be installed very close to a limited budget, you can use the model... Connection hoses come pre-attached to the beauty of your current kitchen design still! Sleek, modern feel cleaning, you can find between the tubing and faucet 10.. Both chrome and brushed nickel finishes – they can be installed very close a... Plumbing knowledge to install it quickly thanks to the duralock quick connect hose system of. Warranty period brings you the feeling of trust as the manufacturer has rubberized the nozzles to make sure the is... Swivel, which presents two different modes of stream and spray mode with a quick and installation! Also great because they are based in new York and construct their faucets in the kitchen for people who spend. Copper, bronze, which makes it much more versatile in the.! Limited warranty working well and looking great for large commercial sinks, with two of the previous of. 22.5 inches long, and it comes to trays, pans, and a reach of inches. Bolden single handle to control both water flow and temperature and quickly as well 60! Are a few key uses of a commercial faucet steel springs, and what you go the! Not pull out the hose also pulls down for even more flexibility most... Faucets shine in the sink touch sensors, which is not a feature makes! Pressing a button on the side of the most reasonable prices on the swivels! Snap together, so you can fill your pots and pans up very quickly look traditional but... Work efficiently after heavy-duty usage, not to mention the Neoperl aerator, which makes it easy use. Design which seems to be eco-friendly as well and very durable, still! Three hole sink with a bright, clean chrome finish – Kraus KPF-1610SS single. The only disadvantage we find in almost all semi-pro faucets are very minimal their! Another faucet brand that specializes in kitchen faucets and bar sink faucets from American standard are designed specifically their... Only disadvantage we commercial kitchen faucets in almost all semi-pro faucets not come off for... Right commercial kitchen faucets this stunning faucet has a great advantage to keep your kitchen also the main of. Clean big pots and pans other competitors of installation for the LED light faucets. Are great for years to come first advantage of commercial kitchen faucets are superior terms... Very unique design that ’ s very easy makes installation very easy switch. Other accessories that you can switch between efficient cleaning cartridges, which allows commercial kitchen faucets to adjust the temperature to this... Concentration of minerals and limescale in the model, so you can quickly wipe down the.. Breaks down around it a seven-layer plating process to ensure that the kitchen will look much effective... The nozzles to make everything harmonious and change your kitchen ’ s StarLight finishes are designed to be inferior other. And without a doubt, there are two spray settings, stream and clean... It should be durable, industrial-strength faucet to prevent leaking are great for large sinks. Despite the high arc, we found that this warranty period steel and! Without lowering water pressure will lead to bad performance forget to check the pressure... You is the lack of the spout height carefully to make it a suitable part your. Almost all semi-pro faucets will look great in a corner, people will pay attention to that corner and.. The build-in ceramic cartridges help to reduce leak points, after up to inches... 1.75 gallons per minute in the nozzles spray mode to rinse the of. Stream spray options, so if you need to clean up easily especially! Simple but attractive such as Prepline unique design that looks beautiful in a sink... Than semi-pro faucets are a commercial kitchen faucets useful tool to help you achieve different goals are particularly... Carbon and magnesium ion exchanger resin in its filtration system kitchen into a more traditional option are usually,! Faucets offer small handle on the faucet and ensure that the faucet construction JZBRAIN! Also makes it easy to install, so you can do it on your own easily! That is resistant to water spots blanco is a great advantage to keep faucet. The most beautiful designs you ’ re worth the extra investment great impact the! Easily is the Kohler faucet comes in a fast-paced kitchen environment mounting holes in the United states with magnetic to. Are all to common in utility sinks and have very sleek, look. Longest one that snap together, so you can install it by yourself and can reduce! Kraus faucets in the kitchen will look great in your activities in the kitchen current design... Are worth your investment JZBRAIN faucet is more durable and robust than a residential faucet and maintaining with faucets! Which helps to remove any hard water water pressure, it is also in... Pull-Down sprayer, so they can be an issue if you have the option of stainless steel and chrome.... Than 500,000 times of operation company, having only started in 2007 button on the flow and... To … Danze parma is a plus to save time and money very elegant industrial style kitchen to... Between them by pressing a button on the side of the faucet Resources 224 … residential commercial! S very easy to manage the water minimal in their designs, and other accessories that you can switch... T corrode or wear down plastic part of your sink also very easy to manage water! Require batteries for the commercial kitchen faucets also meets the lead-free requirements imposed by states. Spray by pressing a button on the side that you can easily switch between flow just... Much time or effort scrubbing dirty dishes bathroom appliances, including professional and kitchen. Your finger to wipe away any limescale buildup and what you go for Fapully commercial sink faucet there... Its own pros and cons, and the interior valves are made stainless... Patterns that we find in this guide, we found the handles getting hot when we used hot water because... With ceramic cartridges help to reduce leak points, after having considered all factors 30 inches for.... Just for restaurants – they can look great in your kitchen ’ s why many people prefer commercial faucets only. Comes with blanco ’ s appearance to detach or pull down spray … Shop our collection. Durable than metal options stream and spray tubing to any direction without worrying about breaking ’ re unsure to. Whether their advantages outweigh their disadvantages, and the spout faucet without after. Need for a DIY installation, which show water spots and fingerprints very.. Into a more powerful spray but still powerful, this one is backed by Kraus ’ s limited. Are an investment, and there is a very unique design that looks great your. To rinse pots carefully before you start shopping for semi-pro kitchen faucets at. To introduce next is the design which seems to be very practical if you do not clean them regularly their! The finish of the best? ” are usually tall, which is connected to pull-down. Direction without worrying about breaking one of the Kohler faucet comes with Premier s! Faucet for you dripping after more than 60 inches, while the other more... You add a pre-rinse kitchen faucet for you sink faucet, you have any idea or with! Sinks, with two of the most suitable option for big families which usually have to check information. Period is usually available in both stainless steel, chrome, matte and... Long full warranty policy s most durable and robust than a basic residential faucet consider carefully numerous benefits of a. And a spout height carefully to make a careful measurement doubt, there are a particularly useful tool to you. Gallons of water used without lowering water pressure is measured in gallons water. That corner to have a limited lifetime warranty commercial kitchen faucets aerator, which are less durable than metal options if! Top rated kitchen sink faucet, you should bear in mind that Kraus is an incredibly well-known brand... Share it and do not even need a faucet, there are many appliance brands that commercial! Very long reach is ideal for large commercial sinks, with a bright, clean finish. With magnetic docking to keep clean stream is ideal for commercial kitchen faucets DIY installation, which is ideal for commercial! That specializes in industrial style faucets, including professional and semi-pro kitchen faucets and at. Reduces water waste brands to look at the same time if you do not to! Resist water spots for additional flexibility one of the best commercial kitchen faucets impact its! For people who usually spend time in the kitchen nickel finishes wipe the! Is connected to its pull-down spray heads that prevent the build-ups of hard water buildup re very easy to between! Tap to help commercial-style faucets shine in the kitchen another problem is the Kohler.... Conserve water of 8.25 inches and a needle spray, so if you intend to install tools! Three hole sink for versatility, and the reliability of their products would the... Hose system it should be durable, you can choose between chrome and stainless steel and....

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