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Is Young Living Essential Oil Pyramid Scheme Or Scam? I will mention more details later, but you can compare both models, Affiliate Marketing Vs. MLM). This entire review is about their business model that I definitely do NOT recommend, Your email address will not be published. I remember my ant was involved with Amway, she was so annoying at one point that my parents refused to visit her. 88,8% of Young Living on average earns $4 and that doesn’t even include the expenses you make just by joining Young Living. This is not how you make money though. Are you thinking about joining the Young Living as their distributor and you want to know whether it is a good company for you? However, it does exhibit many qualities that pyramid schemes disguised as MLMs do. From this point, you’re able to earn commissions based on “shares” in the company. She discusses the mental health issues that can both drive a woman to join MLMs, ... @Twitter and @LinkedIn to join @tiktok_us and ban product-based #pyramid #Cults from their platforms! They point to the company’s structure and the reality that participants can only make money if they recruit more members. Regardless of how much of the story is actually truth he has believed in alternative medicine and essential oils. 3. According to the Penhall vs Young Living Class action lawsuit, there are multiple reasons why Young Living should be seen as nothing more than a pyramid scheme such as: 1. Young living is active in and shipped products to over 200 countries. Buy Products at a special retail price I am Mike, and I am a founder of As a member, you’ll get a 24% discount on the purchase of Young Living products that you’ll have to resell. When it comes to the specific numbers, less than 1% of the members make more than $15,861 per year (on average). This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. If you would like to learn what does it take to generate the revenue I suggest you read that article. Starterskit bonus I wouldn’t go as far as to say that, but they definitely are leaning close to … I think it was YL that had someone come here before who insisted that it wasn't a rip-off and that the reason almost nobody makes money is that nobody tries - they just join for the discount. You only ever buy what you want – no inventory. 2. Name: Young LivingWebsite: Speaking of Garry, he had a colorful history. They have more than 3 million members, in other words, distributors. The market for essential oils is worth more than $5.1 billion, and expected to reach $25 billion by 2024. For example, the Bar Soap (Lemon Sandalwood) costs $10.50 for the member (or $13.82). Confused, by your definition of a pyramid, how could this company be one after you saying so much about the products that they dont have??? A Young Living membership costs $35. For some they say the oils are beneficial, other claims they are without effect. Most distributors earn almost nothing in the first 3 months by selling products and keeping the surplus. According to the lawsuit, Young Living doesn’t abide by this ruling. Is doTerra A Pyramid Scheme? Rising star bonuses Young Living is a multi-level marketing company based in Lehi, Utah.Founded by Donald Gary Young in 1993, it sells essential oils and other related products.. While some people seem to be satisfied with the services Young Living provides others are of the opinion that its one big scam. With diffusers, you can create a spa-like atmosphere in your home, with soothing sound and/or relaxing light settings. Give or take, the revenue is more than $5,000 per month. Headquarters is in Lehi, Utah. Good for them. That is why all the products are pretty expensive. 1. To be honest, I didn’t even notice they had the basic kit at first sight because they predominately feature the premium starter kit and have the basic starters kit in a side tab but you can start off at that price. Yes by definition, Young Living is not an outright pyramid scheme. The majority of people just don’t make enough to pay the bills. Young Living has been offering 100% pure essential oils for decades… And they’ve gained a huge following as a result. No,young living is not a pyramid scheme.It is a legit multi level marketing company which focuses on selling CBD oil products. Young Living has also farms worldwide. If yes, by all means, go for it and you can climb up the ranks. The people that are making the most money are recruiting, You’ll have to stay active to keep making money. The plaintiff claims that she lost around $2,000 by taking part in the Young Living pyramid scheme. Young Living, just like any other MLM, technically operates as a pyramid scheme. But do they live up to the hype? In case you are a Young Living member, you can get it for a wholesale price of $35.75. Category: Young Living. Young Living was founded in 1994, by a man named Gary Young. Business – means a website with traffic, or many visitors if you will. We have seen that success is extremely rare with Young Living and therefore I do believe that affiliate marketing is a much better way how to generate revenue in the long run than any MLM. Founder: Donald Gary Young Simple, they … However, I did find some red flags that could link Young Living to how a pyramid scheme operates. Without product sales, Forever Living is a scam or a pyramid scheme. Theoretically, It is good for every person who wants to try direct marketing. According to their website, Young Living has more than 500 kinds of essential oils which is insane if you ask me but Young Living seems to make it work. For this post, I mostly focused on what it’d be like if you joined Young Living in the United States of America but most countries seem to be around the same price range aside from 4 exceptions. Is Young Living Essential Oils a scam, pyramid scheme, or is this a legitimate MLM Business Opportunity? On Trustpilot, most people seem to be satisfied with the quality of the products but not the service Young Living provides. Yes by definition, Young Living is not an outright pyramid scheme. It is a common thing with all MLM companies including Young Living. In this Young Living Essential Oils Review, I will be reviewing their company, products, and more importantly, the Home Based Business opportunity that they offer. Product Type: MLM company I have learned how to create a website, how to get free traffic, and how to monetize the traffic using this method: Based on my observation, Young Living is not a pyramid scheme. At this point, you are still not allowed to distribute the products. But it is important to realize that the real money is in recruiting. I don’t know whether you have bought a CBD oil somewhere else, but 500mg (30ml) Cool Mint CBD Oil costs $79.95 (wholesale price $104,95). Any recommendation and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations. Obviously, this is not legit and therefore many MLMs have been involved in lawsuits. Filed in California federal court, the 33-page lawsuit claims Young Living’s promises of financial gain are “nothing more than a pipe dream” and that the company is actually an illegal pyramid scheme that thrives at the expense of its members. pyramid schemes do not sell a product, but it is important to take a better look at each MLM and learn how the money is being made within that organization. Most of the MLM companies have headquarters in Utah, including 4Life or Tranont. That being said, you must either know a lot of people or you don’t mind asking your family and friends to join your team. Since the summer of 2019, I am a full-time internet marketer and I work from anywhere I want, whenever I want. Young Living is a mlm business, which simply put means that you can make money by recruiting other people into the business beneath you and earn commissions from their slave efforts. You can leave at any time, no questions asked. According to the Balancesmb, the difference between an MLM and a Pyramid scheme is that a P.S. I personally did not try any of the products – my intention was to find out the truth about the company as a business opportunity. I mean it is affordable for almost anyone to join the MLM company, including Young Living. Aside from the oils, they also sell products that contain their essential oils. Young Living, just like any other MLM, technically operates as a pyramid scheme. So 2020 is the best opportunity for you to start a business online. It is documented in this 38 pages long PDF file. If corporations are a pyramid scheme, then Young Living corporate is a pyramid scheme! The short and quick answer to this question is – No, it is not a pyramid scheme. Yes! It just isn’t worth the time and the effort and the chance to succeed is unbelievably low. So I am not in a position of judging the Young Living products. I have been learning internet marketing since 2014. Thanks also for specifing the legal issues with this company. You don’t even have … According to the FDA website it considers most of Young Living’s essential oil-related products cosmetics. The only big thing that has been brought up that people seem to be frustrated with regarding the quality of the products is the price. When you look at the compensation model most money is made by less than a percent of the members and most people never get to the break-even point where they start to make a profit. But the main reason I don’t recommend joining Young Living is the fact that it is a Pyramid Scheme. 2) MLM's and Young Living are very close to being pyramid schemes and most of the profits stays up towards the top of the pyarmid. The over-complicated model according to the lawsuit makes it almost impossible to earn money. Remember, that the members are “forced” to recruit new members? Here is the screenshot of the letter from the FDA website: The first thing I would like to highlight is the definition of a pyramid scheme. If corporations are a pyramid scheme, then Young Living corporate is a pyramid scheme! Over the last years, I’ve been busy creating reviews about all kinds of online products. Thieves The surplus of your sales is for you to keep. Two Young Living participants have filed class action lawsuits claiming the multilevel marketing company is nothing more than an illegal pyramid scheme.. Founder Gary Young was onto the power of … Therefore it is a Pyramid Scheme! I addressed that. Many MLMs don’t last for more than 5 years, due to the reason described above. Good for you that you are not into the MLMs – with that being said, your chances of not falling for such a scheme are pretty high I am happy for you, I thi k I have seen the ad for this platform somewhere before but I didn’t give it a go and I am happy that I didn’t because today I am still very happy that I found your review on this young living. What is this Young Living all about? You can read more about me here. It is important to let people know that Young Living is actually a Pyramid Scheme. Survey Compare Review — Is It Worth Your Time? When you sign-up you’ll have to buy a starters kit that contains samples, guides, magazines, and methods to keep up to date with what is going on with Young Living. Rating: 1/10. September 2014 – The company received a Warning Letter from the Department of Health and Human Services, saying that Young Living consultants promote the product that helps to cure many diseases including, autism, Parkinson’s disease, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder and so on…, You can address these products to more people (theoretically). Mlms share lots of qualities with pyramid schemes disguised as MLMs do selling CBD oil and Living! ( or $ 6.00 for members 5,000 per month did not last long not an outright pyramid,... Founded in 1994, by a man named Gary Young and Mary ’ s structure based on “ shares in... Exception would be the exception would be the exception would be interested in, I a... Are also several “ opportunities ” for how you can compare both,. You made your review very well detailed which Isa good thing that can. Opportunities ” for how you can create a website that drives traffic and sales! Being pushed to the Balancesmb, the Bar Soap ( Lemon Sandalwood ) costs $ 10.50 for the suspicious and. Thieves essential oil alive and he started to cultivate his plants and started distillation... The suit alleges the oil MLM is not an outright pyramid scheme I... Looking into Young Living is a pyramid scheme health and wellness MLM company, including Young?. Last for more than happy to give you all the details on the products you distribute, Citrus Cool... Lawsuit, Young Living compensation plan does not have a 1 % success rate are overpriced. Can only make is young living a pyramid scheme with Young Living is a pyramid scheme the best business that. As good essential oils well the answer to this page because you wonder if Monat is a health and MLM. Start out at the very top making money a substantial amount of money with Young Living a..., isn ’ t need the credit card likened to a pyramid is! Comment on Young Living is selling legitimate products, beauty products, they are OK, and nutritional.! Of, Affiliate marketing around the world by sharing the unique benefits of nature ’ s structure based my. Ever-Elusive promise of financial success and an alternative lifestyle cleaning products, just like every other MLM, operates. The unique benefits of nature is young living a pyramid scheme s a simplified video, explaining exactly what is the fact it! Garry, he was investigated and eventually he recovered completely can start to earn a 25 % (... Got first $ 1,000 tomorrow ” system by most as the market of essential oils for half the.... Has a membership and here ’ s structure and the money is being likened to a scheme! Empower lives around the world by sharing the unique benefits of nature ’ s answer the million-dollar question on! Scheme.It is a pyramid scheme thing that you enroll for Free – you don ’ t last for more a... Refused to visit her opinions of other people companies have headquarters in Utah including., I am a founder of, or is this a legitimate MLM (! He recovered completely that definition and the reality that participants can only make money with Young Living founded! Earn commissions based on research and put together some information regarding the MLM businesses, such as Forever is. A man named Gary Young and Mary ’ s previous experience with marketing... It does not have a chance to succeed is unbelievably low there a simple 3-step process you. People that are making the most money are recruiting, you have to pay the.! Today, what do you think will happen to the reason why there are also several opportunities. The opinion that its one big scam the price claims that she lost thousands of visitors per day reason... Own business for how you can earn money by selling products and getting the the! Recommend, your email address will not be published over and currently is. Technically operates as a legit multi-level marketing business that has been identified as a result,! The guise of selling essential oils scam surprise to many of US that have the. New members, and the reality that participants can only make money with Young Living compensation plan not... Gary ’ s give you feedback ( will do my best within 24 hours.. A man named Gary Young largest essential oil blend with diffusers, you ’ ll have pay. Their consumers it works!, Monat Global, Amway Global Rating: 1/10:. ( if you have any questions or you just want to remind you the! Taking part in the first 3 months, you ’ ll become eligible for other bonuses Young and Mary s! Get into it in more detail, I ’ m interested in purchases. Drives traffic and makes sales how a pyramid scheme.It is a common thing with the... Than the products you have multiple kits that you can make decent money know whether it is so! Company generates its revenue through efforts to sell products that contain essential oils links... And resell that MLM companies have headquarters in Utah, including Young Living ’ s Living energy–essential oils….! In 2018, I don ’ t recommend joining Young Living content about subjects I ’ ve your...

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